M48 KOMMANDO ZOMBIE COBRA – Best Crossbow Pistol Review

The M48 Kommando – The Best Pistol Crossbow
If you’re looking for a great crossbow pistol, look no further than the M48 Kommando! It’s a great little crossbow, and is in my opinion one the safest and highest quality Crossbow Pistol around.


M48 Kommando: The Good

The M48 Kommando is a high quality 80 lb pistol crossbow which can launch arrows at 160 feet per second. Its heavy duty slide and lever self cocking system allows this lightweight crossbow to be cocked and the safety engaged all in one motion. It has a reputation for being powerful and accurate, and easy to adjust. It’s got a rock solid die cast alloy frame, solid brass slide, and limbs made out of graphite. (Graphite is 14% stronger)than steel, and 18% stronger than aluminum).

M48 Kommando: The Bad

It can be hard to string, and the bolts that come with it are pretty cheap. Some people consider the assembly instructions to be poorly written.


  • Brand: United Cutlery
  • Product: M48 KOMMANDO ZOMBIE  - Cobra
  • Product Type:  Pistol Crossbow
  • Model #: UC2836 – DSI
  • Draw Weight: 80 lbs
  • Physical Weight: 4.2 lbs
  • Materials: Graphite limbs, with die cast alloy, and solid brass plate.
  • Launch Speed: 160 FPS
  • Rating 4.5 stars
  • Opinion: Best Crossbow Pistol Around
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